The flavor units that twofold as mouthpieces have a comparable level plan that fits in impeccably with the advanced stylish that is available in the body of the juul pods flavors.

Main concern: In an industry that is notable for making flinch commendable items, the Juul is a wonderful, current looking gadget that you won’t be humiliated to puff on out in the open.


One of the significant defects with most vaping items is that they have a precarious expectation to absorb information which will in general frighten away beginners. The Juul isn’t one of those vapes.

Without perusing any online instructional exercises or guidelines of any sort, I had the option to open up the container, load a flavor cartridge, and begin puffing endlessly in 30 seconds level. The Juul is more or less instinctive.

When you slide open the bundle, you’ll eliminate the battery-powered e-cig (it comes completely energized), take out the bit of cardboard from the mouthpiece divide, slide in one of the four JUULpod flavor cartridges, loaded up with nicotine salts, that serves as a mouthpiece, and draw on the mouthpiece. That is it. It’s in a real sense that basic. No catches or confounded batteries and 510 stringing.

The convenience is intended to speak to pristine vapers who are hoping to kick the propensity, and the Juul unquestionably conveys on that front. The drawn out wellbeing impacts of smoking are broadly known, and individuals need something that is similarly as simple without all the unsafe smoke. With this item, there is no specialized information required.


The Juul is a minimal, cutting edge e-cig.


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