On Salman, a TV show gives an opportunity for the audience to find the actors in a very different light, a far cry in their personalities in Bollywood movies. “For any celebrity, the real heroes are his lovers. So, by doing a TV series, my audiences get to see the actual Salman. He said. Sana Khan, one of the contestants at Bigg Boss 6, bagged a significant role in bigg boss voting upcoming film Jai Ho. Her spat with a rival contestant won Salman’s heart. When Salman was trying to find an innocent yet competitive character in Jai Ho he believed that Sana would fit the bill.

Amitabh Bachchan hosted the mega game show Kaun Banega Crorepati which went on to make history on the little display. There were spontaneous reactions to the series and it grabbed more eyeballs when for the first time a female has been handed the crorepati title.

Video has become so big that Bollywood’s superstar Shah Rukh Khan admits an actor’s success now isn’t measured simply by box office earnings, but his affiliation with a TV show. “Now stardom is not about awards and box office numbers, but about who has a bigger TV show. So I am trying to do some thing. I have told Punit and the Zee family to be on the lookout for something for me personally,” the actor said.

Shah Rukh started his career on the small screen using all the series Fauji followed by Circus at 1989. “The TV audience is very big and I also began with TV and that I admire the medium a lot. Video is a great platform for each and every actor and actress. I would love to take part in it whenever given an opportunity,” he added.

The reach TV gives today is much wider than the movie release on a weekend. Along with the remuneration is also high. All these factors make stars host TV shows”

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