On the off chance that you’ve been buckling down for four or five years to impart in your youngster the estimation of fun, delicious, sound suppers, look out. When they head out to class, who knows what they’ll be eating, or is there?

The primary thing that you can do to screen what your youngster eats at school is consistently pack them a solid lunch, instead of permitting them to purchase lunch at school. Be certain you’re pressing snacks that your youngster really prefers to eat, however. Else, they’ll essentially exchange it for something different with one of their companions or not eat anything by any means.

Obviously, kids being kids, they’re probably going to exchange Το παιδί μου δεν τρώει τι να κάνω  now and then at any rate. One approach to in any case be certain that they’re eating well is to converse with their companions’ folks. Request those guardians what sorts from things they have made their kid for lunch of late and mention to the guardians what you have made for your youngster. That way, regardless of whether they do exchange, you’re all moderately in the same spot. You can keep a nearby screen on them this route also.

At long last, it may appear to be excessively simple, however converse with your children. However long they realize that you couldn’t care less in the event that they exchange a portion of their snacks with companions, they wouldn’t fret mentioning to you what they really ate. Indeed, in some cases they may reveal to you that this and that mother makes the best such and such thing and it may prompt extraordinary new family plans for you to appreciate with your children.


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